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Convenient Quality Dentistry for the Entire Family

Family Dentistry

Comprehensive Dental Services for the Entire Family

Family Dentistry

Maintain a healthy smile with regular dental checkups and cleaning services from Dr. John P. McRee D.D.S. & Associates. We understand how important routine dental care is for the health of your smile. Count on us for your regular cleanings, exams, checkups, and more.

Prevent Future Tooth Problems

We provide expert preventive care to make sure your smile stays beautiful. We'll save you money by preventing more expensive restorative care. If restorative dental care is what you require, you can depend on us.

Thorough Dental Inspections

We check for signs of dental decay, gum disease, and oral cancer during every appointment. We use digital X-rays that are better for you than traditional X-rays. Avoid gum disease and cavities with our routine cleanings. We also provide home-care suggestions to help you optimize your dental hygiene regimen.

Stop Tooth Grinding

Grinding and clenching your teeth at night is a condition called Bruxism. Usually caused by stress and anxiety, it can cause serious damage to your teeth.

If you find yourself grinding your teeth, contact us today. We check for signs of gum disease and can provide periodontal therapy or create a personalized treatment plan for you. We offer a FREE consultation. 
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